The Shikra

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The Shikra is a device that allows the user to interface (via USB) to a number of different low-level data interfaces such as: 

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  • JTAG
  • SPI
  • I2C
  • UART
  • GPIO

The Shikra is meant to be a more reliable replacement for the shortcomings of other tools like the BusPirate. It is an indispensable tool for investigating and reverse engineering embedded systems. It is meant to be a "hardware hacking" swiss army knife to be used for interfacing with embedded devices, debugging them, bit-banging, fuzzing, etc. (Click here to read a blogpost about some things you can do with the Shikra.)

The Shikra was developed by Xipiter as a single tool to replace a handful of others. It was also developed by Xipiter to be used in Xipiter's "Software Exploitation Via Hardware Exploitation" course which teaches how to reverse engineer and attack embedded systems.

Since this tool is an in-house tool. Xipiter will be releasing software and other tools (such as hardware debugger configurations) specifically for the Shikra so that users can quickly "get to work"... 

Download a PDF of the Shikra's Pinouts/Documentation Here

Click here to read a blogpost about how to "Get Started" with the Shikra.

Download the STL Files to 3D-print your own case!


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(Screws can be found at Ace Hardware. Item #4303-G. M1.6 x 6 pan machine screw. The manufacturer is Hillman)



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