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Here's what we are trying to do here: "This isn't a 'business' venture, it is a 'community' venture."


No More Assembly: 

If you are in the information security community then for years you've probably been reading about neat hardware projects like Travis Goodspeed's GoodFet and FaceDancer.  Due to the manufacturing and assembly costs when creating electronics, the creators of devices can only cheaply provide the community with empty PCBs (parts lists/BOMs, Gerber files, source code, howtos, and slide decks).

You have to assemble the device yourself. This means soldering and requires a rudimentary understanding of electronics. If you are predominantly a software-based researcher (like most of us) you need ready-assembled tools to begin exploring hardware.  


So this store (starting with the FaceDancer21 and Osprey tools) is an attempt to tear down that "hardware barrier to entry" for  fellow information security researchers. assumes the Risk and then distributes the Cost:

Individual researchers and consulting companies probably don't want to pay to assemble hundreds of something they only need a handful of. 

The goal for is to assume the upfront risk and offset this cost by distributing it across individual sales. The maintainers of also leverage their existing relationships with manufacturers and fabrication houses to bring down the initial cost of fabrication and assembly. will also hopefully be a resource to researchers to link to vendors of other useful hardware tools.

As embedded security becomes more and more relevant so will custom hardware-based research/development and debugging tools. Developers and researchers will need a place to find the fully assembled tools made within the information security community. then assumes the risk and fronts the expense in hopes of bringing fully assembled research tools to the information security community.



Do you have an idea or a design for a project that you want to see made? We can probably help you get it made. We'll talk with you to discuss what it is and how useful we think it will be to others and the Information Security community. Even if you don't know CAD systems or how to do circuit design, if your project is interesting enough, we can do that for you. Drop us an email: to discuss.


INT3.CC is an experiment and attempt by Stephen A. Ridley to help out folks that (like him) are trying to research and learn more about embedded device development and security.


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Many people skip the INT3 "About" page and formulate opinions without understanding what is going on here. Please read that to understand why just because a project is "Open Source hardware" doesn't mean...

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