We were off to a rocky start with Paypal breaking our credit card processing (our fault, we messed up on the business verification forms). Regardless of that however, it seems there really are people in our community that understand what we are trying to do here.

This is not a "business" venture it is a "community" venture. We are still in the red and will probably be for quite some time...(if we ever break even). The over-arching goal here is to "take one for the team" and help get our tools into our hands a bit easier. So thanks to everyone who understood that and supported it!

From that support, we now have enough orders to drop the price of the FaceDancer about 25%. Those of you who ordered at the first price will get a refund for the difference...Thanks again for the support.

Thought:...and this may be how this ends up working: We'll front the money for a manufacturing run. Early supporters pay a small premium to help us out...and then we refund those early supporters when the volume allows for us to drop the price. I really don't know. We'll see. We're still figuring this out.


Anyway, now that the Paypal/Shopify confusion is fixed, we are now accepting all major credit cards using Paypal as a payment processor! (Note: For credit card orders, the amount will just be captured. You wont be charged until we've shipped/"fulfilled" the order through Shopify). You can also still use your paypal account if you'd like.


Let's do this.

Written by Stephen Ridley — June 25, 2013

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