Many of the devices we manufacture and sell here on INT3 are all made to "scratch our own itch" at Xipiter. We figure if we need them then so does the broader information security community. Much the way software developers end up writing their own tools, hardware folks do the same. So during much of the research and services work we perform for our clients at Xipiter the need arises for custom software, firmware, and hardware. Many of these products are the result of that.

So for the next few weeks we'll be showing us applying many of these techniques (some of which we also teach "hands on" in our classes) to consumer devices. From hardware teardowns to firmware reversing and binary exploitation. 

You can read more of "The Insecurity Of Things" at the Xipiter blog.

Written by Chuka Eze — October 13, 2014

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Learn to reverse engineer and exploit mobiles, IoT, and Embedded systems. (Public Trainings Announced)

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