Last night we posted to Twitter  about "USB Condoms" being available early next week and didn't think much more about it. The following morning, we were flooded with emails. Many emails were from journalists from various parts of the media gestalt who were doing stories, posting on websites, or preparing broadcast news segments.  This definitely came as a surprise. We knew USBCondoms filled a gap, but didn't expect this kind of response (~.5 million unique page views in 24 hours).

The USBCondom circuit is as simple as a circuit can get...but I guess there really is something to "simplicity" and marketing...Coca-Cola (for example) in all their sumptuousness and success, ultimately only sells flavored sugar water.

Admittedly, it is nice to receive the media attention for one of the products here on INT3. The FaceDancer21 fills a "tools gap" and has consequently been a popular sale with security researchers and now, USBCondoms also "fills a gap" and seems to be a simple and popular idea for folks. 

We've been laboring away in obscurity for the last year to build (what we believe to be) a new and exciting consumer product we'll be launching in the next few weeks, we hope it is equally as well received when we release the videos, animations, and product details. It is a product that also fills a "gap" for average consumers, giving them new and powerful capabilities all from their smartphones. We're excited about the release and the new ways folks will think to apply it to their lives in ways we haven't foreseen.

In the spirit of this website, we hope to continue to help bring simple and useful ideas to fruition.  Thanks for showing interest in our stuff! USBCondoms will go on sale this coming week! 



Here is a summary of some of the press that the USBCondoms received:




*** R.I.P Barnaby Jack. You'd have gotten a laugh outta this one.***


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