After some emails from you guys and test runs ourselves we see that the frontend (Shopify) was not communicating with the Payment Processor (Paypal) for Credit Cards correctly...because of something we fumbled in the Business Verification (anti-fraud stuff Paypal does). We got it all corrected but Credit Card payments wont be active until 24June2013...Sorry. 


You can still pay with your Paypal accounts though!

Written by Stephen Ridley — June 21, 2013

Why pricing things is hard...

Many people skip the INT3 "About" page and formulate opinions without understanding what is going on here. Please read that to understand why just because a project is "Open Source hardware" doesn't mean...

Learn to reverse engineer and exploit mobiles, IoT, and Embedded systems. (Public Trainings Announced)

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Using the Shikra to Attack Embedded Systems: Getting Started

The blog system on this e-commerce platform is awful. This blogpost has been prettified and moved to Xipiter's main blog here: